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Winstill Mold Industrial has been dedicated in injection mold making industry for more than 15 years. Our specialties are covering large molds(mostly for automotive), multi-cavity molds, shuttle molds, two-shot molds, auto-unscrewing molds(mostly for fitting parts) and etc.


The main markets we serve are: 
•    Automotive 
•    Medical & Pharmaceutical
•    Home Appliances 
•    Packagings

With our professional engineering team, fully-equipped toolroom and molding room, we can provide the following services:

•    Product Design 
•    Product Feasibility Reaserch & Analysis 
•    Mold 2D & 3D Design
•    DFM & Mold Flow Analysis 
•    Mold Making(Prototype and Production)
•    Precision Machining

•    Mold Repair & Maintainence

•    Contract Molding


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